Travel Services

Travel Services

  • All Traffic runs on the left side
  • Speed limit is 100km/h on Highways and 120km/h on Motorway.


PEACE Car Rental Services

A car rental counter is established in lobby of hotel to fulfill all requirements of in-house guests with a full range of cars, vans, coasters, 4 x 4 vehicles. All chauffeurs are in uniform, with mobile phone facility for better communication. Special and discounted rates are designed to cope with the needs of guest like time and mileage, full day use or a fix drop.

Our Ultimate goal is to provide you with a service that satisfies the highest quality and safety standards. We meet this challenge a new every day in order to fulfill this promise. We want to win your loyalty because, with us, you are in the best hands.

“PEACE” establishes its operational services since 2008 from ISB, with targeting Medium Size organization, Segmentation Public Private Sector. With our Vision to get enrolment: “PEACE” succeed to establish the CO-Branding with ENVOY Continental Hotel, Islamabad and become official Transporter.

Special points of interest:


  • Green Vehicles
  • E-communicated Operations
  • Plastic Money Facilitation with VISA & Master
  • Credit Card clearance in office & as well as while Journey in Vehicle.
  • Clientele in various segments; including Financial Institution, NGO’s, Pharmaceutical, Travel Agencies, Multinational, Airline Industry & Hospitality Industry

HSE Policies:

  • Formalization
  • Safety Driving
  • Vehicle with First Aid Box, equipped
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Mobile Phone Equipped
  • Chauffeur with Security Clearance i.e. Resident Police Station etc
  • Vehicle Tracking


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